Fresh. Handmade. With Passion.

Greek & French Pastry

Nikolas Koulepis prépare des pâtisseries raffinées et maîtrisées, tantôt d’inspiration française (baba au rhum, tarte citron meringuée, etc), tantôt d’inspiration grecque à base de noix, de pistache, de cannelle, d’orange, de cardamome et de bon beurre.

A small selection of
our pastries.

With Tradition and Passion.
Handmade for You.
In Brussels.

Greek Pastry

A selection of the top greek pastries, made with tradition and the best ingredients from Greece, made every day at our workshop in Ixelles.

French Pastry

A classic but fine selection of french pastries: entremet, mousse eclair et tartelettes. Nikolas also prepares every morning fresh croissant and brioche.

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